Plat_Forms 2011 contest needs perl web development teams

I saw this on #catalyst and was asked to repost it:

From this post on the Catalyst mailing list:

Hello Perl web programmers,

The organisers of the Plat_Forms contest have published the call for application. See the announcement overview for why this contest is very important for the community as a whole.

Perl's esteem is at stake. ☺ Up to 4 teams comprised of 3 members each are needed to represent our favourite programming language. Like in the preceding contest in 2007, the Perl teams are likely self-organised and not company- backed. To facilitate that, I have set up a page on the official Perl 5 wiki.

Action required:

1. Communicate as you see fit and form more teams.
2. Post summaries to the wiki page to keep everyone updated.
3. Fill in the application form and snail-mail it to the organisers.

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