Please help test Module::Build 0.36_17

There have been ten development releases of Module::Build in the last six months. It's time to do final testing and get ready to merge Module::Build into the Perl core in preparation for Perl 5.14 in April. If you use Module::Build for your CPAN distributions, please test your distributions with 0.36_17. Even if you don't, please consider installing 0.36_17 on your everyday development machine so you can help test it with anything you happen to install from CPAN.

Here's how you can install the development release from the command line with cpan, cpanm or cpanp:

$ cpan DAGOLDEN/Module-Build-0.36_17.tar.gz
$ cpanm DAGOLDEN/Module-Build-0.36_17.tar.gz
$ cpanp -i DAGOLDEN/Module-Build-0.36_17.tar.gz

Thank you very much!

A summary of changes since 0.3607 follows:

0.36_17 - Wed Oct 27 18:08:36 EDT 2010


  - Added 'distinstall' action to run 'Build install' inside the
    generated distribution directory [Jeff Thalhammer]

0.36_16 - Thu Aug 26 12:44:07 EDT 2010

  Bug fixes:

  - Better error message in case package declaration is not found
    when searching for version. [Alexandr Ciornii]

  - Skips 'release_status' tests on perl < 5.8.1 due to buggy
    treatment of dotted-decimal version numbers [David Golden]

0.36_15 - Wed Aug 25 10:41:28 EDT 2010

  Bug fixes:

  - Added a mock Software::License to prevent t/properties/license.t
    from failing.

0.36_14 - Sun Aug 22 22:56:50 EDT 2010


  - Adds 'release_status' and 'dist_suffix' properties in preparation
    for adding CPAN Meta Spec 2 support.  'dist_suffix' will be set
    to 'TRIAL' automatically when necessary. [David Golden]

  - Makes 'license' more liberal.  You can now specify either a license
    key from the approved list (c.f. Module::Build::API) or just a
    Software::License subclass name (e.g. 'Perl_5').  This should
    provide better support for custom or proprietary licenses.
    [David Golden]

0.36_13 - Wed Jul 28 22:40:25 EDT 2010


 - Bundled Module::Build::Version updated to bring into sync with CPAN 0.82 [David Golden]

0.36_12 - Tue Jul 27 00:08:51 EDT 2010


  - Module::Build::Compat will now convert dotted-decimal prereqs into
    decimal rather than dying (and will warn about this). [Apocalypse]

  Bug fixes:

  - Caches case-sensitivity checks to boost performance, fixes 
    RT#55162 and RT#56513 [Reini Urban]

  - Won't try to use ActivePerl doc generation tools without confirming
    that they are indeed installed. [David Golden]

  - Sets temporary $ENV{HOME} in testing to an absolute path, which fixes
    some issues when tested as part of the Perl core [Nicholas Clark]

  - Module::Build::ModuleInfo now warns instead of dying when a module
    has an invalid version.  ->version now just returns undef
    (RT#59593) [David Golden]


  - When authors do not specify Module::Build in configure_requires and
    Module::Build is automatically added, a warning will be issued
    showing the added prerequisite [David Golden]

  - Moved automatic configure_requires generation into get_metadata()
    and added an 'auto' argument to toggle it (on for META and off
    for MYMETA) [David Golden]

0.36_11 - Thu May 27 09:41:23 EDT 2010

  Bug fixes:

  - Handle META/MYMETA reading and writing within Module::Build to ensure
    utf8 mode on filehandles.  Now passes/gets only strings to YAML::Tiny
    or Module::Build::YAML

0.36_10 - Wed May 19 18:36:06 EDT 2010

  Bug fixes:

  - Fix failing t/manifypods.t on Windows from 0.36_09 changes [Klaus

0.36_09 - Tue May 11 09:19:12 EDT 2010

  Bug fixes:

  - Improve HTML documentation generation on ActivePerl (RT#53478)
    [Scott Renner and Klaus Eichner]

0.36_08 - Mon Apr 26 08:00:15 EDT 2010


 - Give a list of valid licenses when given one we don't recognize
   (RT#55951) [Yanick Champoux]

 - Added 'Build manifest_skip' action to generate a default MANIFEST.SKIP
   [David Golden]


 - When temporarily generating a MANIFEST.SKIP when none exists, it will
   be removed on exit instead of hanging around until 'Build clean'.  This
   is less surprising/confusing and the 'Build manifest_skip' action
   is now available instead to bootstrap the file [David Golden]

 Bug fixes:

 - Fixed runtime error on cygwin when searching for an executable command
   during installdeps testing [David Golden]
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  1. maettu
    Posted November 1, 2010 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    Doesn't install.
    If you are interested in the cpan messages, please drop me a mail.
    I don't want to paste this all here.

  2. Posted November 6, 2010 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    Installs for me - and it's in the Strawberry Perl RC's that'll be announced soon.

  3. Posted November 6, 2010 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    It builds on Strawberry Perl (and will be in the release version)

  4. Posted November 6, 2010 at 11:22 am | Permalink

    It installs on Strawberry Perl (and will be in the release version)

  5. Posted November 6, 2010 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    Sorry about duplicate comments... It appeared to return me to the comment box, so I thought it didn't work.