MongoDB Perl driver v1.0.0 RC 2 available – please test!

Yesterday, I released the MongoDB Perl Driver v1.0.0 RC2 to CPAN as MongoDB-v0.999.999.5-TRIAL. As I mentioned in my RC1 announcement last week that summarized the rationale and changes, everyone who uses MongoDB is strongly encouraged to download it and test it with their code.

In particular, please read the MongoDB::Upgrading document, which describes the major changes from the "v0" series to v1.0.0. Here is the table of contents so you have a sense of what you'll get from it:

    • Moo instead of Moose
    • SSL and SASL
    • MongoClient configuration
    • Lazy connections and reconnections on demand
    • Exceptions are the preferred error handling approach
    • Cursors and query responses
    • Aggregation API
    • Read preference objects and the read_preference method
    • Write concern objects and removing the safe argument
    • Authentication based only on configuration options
    • Bulk API
    • GridFS
    • Low-level functions removed
    • MongoDB::Connection removed
    • BSON encoding changes
    • DBRef objects

Testing the release candidate

You can install RC2 from CPAN like this:

$ cpan MONGODB/MongoDB-v0.999.999.5-TRIAL.tar.gz

If you encounter problems or have questions, please open tickets on the MongoDB Perl driver bug tracker.

Barring any show-stoppers or urgent changes, the stable v1.0.0 MongoDB Perl driver will be shipped to CPAN around the end of August.

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