Extending the timeline for CPAN Meta Spec revisions

When I set out the time line for revisions to the CPAN Meta Spec, I was anticipating closing the public comments at the end of October and finalizing the spec at the end of November.

Fortunately for Perl, but unfortunately for me, our new pumpking, Jesse Vincent, announced on Halloween a Perl core feature freeze three weeks later (i.e. this weekend). Getting Module::Build and other bits of the toolchain ready for that has sucked up the time I was hoping to use to synthesize the Meta Spec patches for consistency and get the working group to discuss them. (I would expect that members of the working group are similarly distracted with a last-minute surge prior to the freeze.)

Therefore, I'm extending the timeline for the CPAN Meta Spec revisions by one month, and will be aiming to distribute a draft to the working group by the end of November and to finalize the new spec by Jan 1.

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