CPAN Testers 2.0 beta test update

The CT 2.0 beta test has been running for about three weeks. About 160,000 reports have been submitted by beta testers at an average rate of a little over 5 per minute. It's also seen some sustained spikes over 150 reports per minute. You can see the log graphics below.

Reports per Minute

Reports per Minute

Total Report Count

Total Report Count

Reports have been received from most major operating systems and versions of Perl.

So far, I've fixed several issue relating to character encoding, removed a number of dependencies and fixed a few other oddball bugs. Chris Williams developed a new "zero dependency" report proxy, Test::Reporter::Transport::Socket and metabase-relayd to allow CT2.0 testing without any Metabase prerequisites on the target perl.

What to look forward to:

  • Barbie has started working on extracting report data from the beta site. This is the critical path before we can plan the full launch of CT2.0
  • I plan to start working on the conversion of the 6.9 million reports from CT1.0
  • Once I have a chance to deploy an app that gives legacy testers an ID file to associate their new CT2.0 identity with their legacy CT1.0 reports, I'll open up the beta to anyone who wants to participate

That's all for now. Thank you, again, to all the beta testers for their efforts and thank you to Perl NOC administrators for their forebearance and support.

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