CPAN Testers 2.0 beta test update

This is just a quick update to say that the beta has been going pretty well, with recent efforts focused on stress testing and some optimization. One change was that I've added some authentication query caching (thank you memcached!) to speed up high volume submissions.

Apocalypse then helpfully batched several thousand reports and tried to overwhelm the server with parallel submissions. At about 450 reports per minute we finally started seeing some submission errors and now have some work to do to use the Amazon SimpleDB more efficiently or to queue submission peaks and process them offline.

In other interesting news, the CT2.0 server now supports Test::Smoke::Metabase reports, which Tux implemented during the Vienna QA hackathon and refined in the last couple weeks. He uploaded 150,000 or so historical Perl smoke reports as a test and is exploring using the CT2.0 server instead of the existing email system that supports Perl smoke testing. It's the exact same problem (at somewhat lower volumes) that CT2.0 was designed to address and it's nice to see some synergy in the work to date.

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