Dist::Zilla loves CPAN::Meta

The first examples of CPAN Meta Spec version 2 files are showing up in the wild thanks to Dist::Zilla. As of Dist::Zilla version 3, it will use the new, standard CPAN::Meta module to generate META.json files using the version 2 spec while generating META.yml files against the 1.4 spec for backwards compatibility.

Unfortunately, some CPAN metadata consumers aren't quite ready yet for version 2 of the Meta Spec, as this example shows:

Hopefully, search.cpan.org and other sites will be updated soon. One of the nice advantages of the version 2 Meta spec is that it can differentiate between a repository access URL and a repository web browser URL. So search.cpan.org will be able to provide a hyperlink to a repo browser instead of (or in addition to) the URL that you would give to your version control client.

(In unrelated news, I am still voting for mst to give a talk called "Patches Welcome" as his forfeit for losing the Iron Man competition.)

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