About Me

I enjoy building things, solving problems and playing games, not necessarily in that order and often at the same time. This blog is my outlet for sharing things I'm working on, insights I happen to have, or things I find interesting. It will probably focus heavily on Perl programming (where a lot of my spare time goes), but may address computers and technology in general; personal productivity and lifehacks; or whatever else comes to mind.

Within the Perl community, I am author or maintainer of dozens of Perl modules, including much of the Perl module toolchain and am a member of the "Perl 5 Porters" that maintain the Perl core source code. I was the first release engineer for Strawberry Perl and led the design and migration of CPAN Testers to a cloud architecture. I have been programming Perl for over 12 years.

I go by the handle xdg on IRC, Perl Monks, Twitter and elsewhere.