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Quick update: getting bleadperl ready for META.json

The latest development releases of Parse::CPAN::Meta now support both META.yml and META.json files. By default, it uses JSON::PP for the META.json files. Accordingly, JSON::PP has just been added to the Perl core. (Thank you to Makamaka for his work getting JSON::PP ready for bleadperl.) There's more work on the horizon, but I expect to get […]

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Creating a YAML::Tiny doppelgaenger

Recently, I needed to clone a distribution on CPAN and release it under a new name. I also need to keep it in sync with the original distribution. Rather than do any of that by hand, I decided to whip up a Dist::Zilla plugin (two, actually) to do the job for me. The background for […]

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Dist::Zilla loves CPAN::Meta

The first examples of CPAN Meta Spec version 2 files are showing up in the wild thanks to Dist::Zilla. As of Dist::Zilla version 3, it will use the new, standard CPAN::Meta module to generate META.json files using the version 2 spec while generating META.yml files against the 1.4 spec for backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, some CPAN […]

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CPAN::Meta can produce old spec output

I released an update for CPAN::Meta that supports "downgrading" to older versions of the CPAN Meta Spec. This should make it easier for distribution builders like ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build, Module::Install and Dist::Zilla to produce both a META.yml (spec version 1.4) and META.json (spec version 2) for the backwards compatibility.

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CPAN Meta Spec version 2 released

Dear CPAN authors, It is with great pleasure that we present you with the release of the CPAN Meta Spec version 2. This document specifies the format for the next version of CPAN distribution metadata files -- the META.yml and now META.json files found in most distributions on CPAN. Version 2 is the result of […]

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