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Perl QA hackathon wrapup

From mid-air somewhere near Greenland... I'm on my way back from the fifth annual Perl QA Hackathon and I can't believe it's already over. I missed the last two and I'd forgotten what an awesome experience it is. tl;dr: Stuff I worked on: A new way of thinking about CPAN indexes Making use a […]

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Will CPAN Testers keep doubling every year?

A little over a year ago, the CPAN Testers 2.0 beta went live. The new "Metabase" server started accepting reports by web submission instead of the previous method of email-based reports. In the April CPAN Testers Summary, Barbie noted that CPAN Testers has nearly reached 12 million reports submitted. I was recently looking at some […]

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CPAN Testers Metabase back online

I'm pleased to say that after weathering Amazon's EC2 outage, I've got the CPAN Testers Metabase server back online and accepting reports. If you've been building up a backlog, please throttle your uploads. I apologize for the interruption. Over the next month or two, I'll be making some changes to make sure that CPAN Testers […]

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Fixed CPAN Testers reporting with LWP 6

As Barbie reported, CPAN Testers broke under LWP version 6, as this version of LWP now defaults to rejecting unverifiable SSL connection (e.g. self-signed certificates). That meant that CPAN Testers upgrading their LWP could no longer submit reports (at least via https). The quick and obvious solution was to buy an SSL certificate and that's […]

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How to replicate a failure

Whenever I get a bug report or a CPAN Testers FAIL report and the issue is not obvious right away, the first thing I try to do is replicate the failure. Without it, I'm left to diagnose with hunches and release new code that I hope fixes that problem. That's not software engineering, it's software […]

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