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Why installing Dist::Zilla is slow and what you can do about it

Despite my previous rant about Dist::Zilla haters and why you don't need Dist::Zilla to contribute, I recognize that there is one thing that does require Dist::Zilla: installing from a patched repo without waiting for a CPAN release. Leaving aside whether that's really wise or not, I think it's the real frustration people are having with […]

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Dist::Zilla haters, stop your whining

Some people just love to hate. And some of them love to blog their hate. Dist::Zilla seems to rub some people wrong way. Here are some of the typical complaints I've seen or heard: It's good for authors but not contributors I have to install half of CPAN to contribute There's no Makefile.PL or Build.PL […]

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Dist::Zilla ♥ encoding

Last weekend I went to a Dist::Zilla "micro-hackathon" at Ricardo Signes' house. This is something we've done before, setting aside some focused time to tackle something tough. This time, we set out to fix the leaky encoding handling in Dist::Zilla and Ricardo explains the result well in his blog. But what about Plugins? I'm really […]

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Perl QA hackathon wrapup

From mid-air somewhere near Greenland... I'm on my way back from the fifth annual Perl QA Hackathon and I can't believe it's already over. I missed the last two and I'd forgotten what an awesome experience it is. tl;dr: Stuff I worked on: A new way of thinking about CPAN indexes Making use a […]

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OS-specific prerequisites with Dist::Zilla

One of my long-standing annoyances with Dist::Zilla was that it didn't have means for doing OS-specific prerequisites. I had put off converting some distributions to Dist::Zilla because of that, but finally got off my duff and wrote Dist::Zilla::Plugin::OSPrereqs to do what I want. It works like this in your dist.ini: That puts a conditional clause […]

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