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Creating a YAML::Tiny doppelgaenger

Recently, I needed to clone a distribution on CPAN and release it under a new name. I also need to keep it in sync with the original distribution. Rather than do any of that by hand, I decided to whip up a Dist::Zilla plugin (two, actually) to do the job for me. The background for […]

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What tools should you use to create a CPAN distribution?

Recently, I answered a question on the module-authors mailing list about the best tool for building a CPAN distribution. Whole generations of tools have come and gone since I first read Writing Perl Modules for CPAN and the state of the art slash best practices slash fads have changed. Since I first released a distribution […]

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Automatic version numbering with git and Dist::Zilla

I love Dist::Zilla (dzil) because it automates so many of the busy-work tasks of releasing a new CPAN distribution. With dzil, when I release a distribution, dzil checks the last git release tag, bumps it up using Version::Next and uses that as the new version number for the release. It's beautifully lazy. I originally wrote […]

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Creating new distributions with Dist::Zilla

You may already know that Dist::Zilla can create new boilerplate Perl distributions, just like Module::Starter (and other boilerplate generators). If you've ever tried this, you've seen that the built-in boilerplate is very, very minimal and you probably want to know how to customize it to fit your dzil style. I wrote up the tutorial below […]

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Why I'm using Dist::Zilla

Dist::Zilla (dzil, for short) has been a fabulous addition to my Perl toolbox. I've seen some blog posts and IRC comments that have a range of reactions along with some general confusion over what the big deal is, so I'm adding my own thoughts to the debate. Dist::Zilla is modular, not monolithic Part of the […]

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