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Dist::Zilla loves CPAN::Meta

The first examples of CPAN Meta Spec version 2 files are showing up in the wild thanks to Dist::Zilla. As of Dist::Zilla version 3, it will use the new, standard CPAN::Meta module to generate META.json files using the version 2 spec while generating META.yml files against the 1.4 spec for backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, some CPAN […]

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How to look like an idiot with Dist::Zilla

Several people who watch CPAN recent upload feeds may have noticed an interesting sounding tarball by yours truly: Foo-1.23. Here's the story: I'm a recent convert to Dist::Zilla. I really like it -- if I had more time I'd write a longer post about how easy it makes your life as a developer. The problem […]

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