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How I've started managing GitHub pulls

I don't like GitHub's pull interface. They make merge commits, which suck. And I want to work from the command line, not the web site. When I noticed that I was losing on the scoreboard, I wrote a quick and dirty script to list open pull requests for a repository from the command line: github-list-pulls. […]

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The GitHub pulls scoreboard says I'm losing

I'm embarrassed to admit that I just fixed a bug, shipped the module, and then discovered a 2-year old pull request that fixed it better. Oops. I hate things like that! Fortunately, I just discovered that GitHub offers a pull request scoreboard with two views: Pulls sent: Pulls pending: Unfortunately, the scoreboard says […]

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How to move CPAN RT tickets to Github

Most of my new CPAN modules use Github for issue tracking because of the nice integration with pull requests. I recently wanted to migrate an older distribution to using Github, but didn't want to track tickets in two places. A while ago, Yanick Champoux wrote Bandying tickets from RT to Github, which looked like exactly […]

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How to script git with perl and Git::Wrapper

If you work with git, eventually you will want to script something that git doesn't do already and can't be accomplished with an alias. If you use Perl, the Git::Wrapper module makes scripting git easy. The big advantage of Git::Wrapper is that it wraps the binary version of git, which keeps your perl and git […]

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Module::Build repository migrated to git

I have completed a migration of the Module::Build repository from Subversion to git. The new repository is available publicly on Browse the repository Clone it: git:// I have done my best to clean up the merge/branch/tag history, but have not bothered to clean up empty commits left over from the original cvs2svn conversion. If […]

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