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Module::Build repository migrated to git

I have completed a migration of the Module::Build repository from Subversion to git. The new repository is available publicly on Browse the repository Clone it: git:// I have done my best to clean up the merge/branch/tag history, but have not bothered to clean up empty commits left over from the original cvs2svn conversion. If […]

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Applying git patch emails to subversion

I prefer git, but have been spending a lot with subversion working on Module::Build. To give myself local version control when offline (I was on an airplane), I layered a local git repository on top of the subversion checkout. (Yes, there might be better ways to do this with "git svn" but not as easily […]

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More git conversions

My version number article exhausted me, so this will be a short post. My work to convert some more Perl module repositories from Subversion to git continues with two more things hosted on github: ExtUtils::CBuilder -- This is the complement to ExtUtils::ParseXS, which I described converting last week. Anyone interested in working on it, please […]

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Convert to git and get more patches?

Today, I converted the ExtUtils::ParseXS repository from subversion to git, published it on and announced it on the perl5-porters and module-build perl mailing lists. Within hours, it was cloned and I got my first pull request. I don't know if that's the start of a trend or not, but it's food for thought for […]

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