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How to trim PDF margins and edit metadata

I often download academic articles as PDFs to read later. I regularly find two really annoying problems: Huge margins make the PDF nearly unreadable on my Kindle Fire Title and authors are missing from PDF metadata, making them harder to find later via search Today, I found an answer to the first and wrote an […]

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UNIVERSAL::new for command line MU

Years ago, chromatic released Acme::UNIVERSAL::new. It was a joke. This is not. Using object-oriented modules from the command line can be a PITA. I have to type the module name twice: once to load it and once to construct objects with it. In a program, that's not huge overhead, but in a one-liner, it annoys […]

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How to mass-favorite modules on MetaCPAN

I love that MetaCPAN lets me "++" modules (distributions, really) to mark them as favorites, but going distribution by distribution to click things is not my idea of a good time. Time for laziness, impatience, hubris. Click favorites? No way! Let's automate that shit! (First, thanks to Moritz for giving me the pieces of the […]

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Stop Pod tests before they stop you!

Have you ever installed a CPAN module with a big dependency chain and had installation fail somewhere in the middle? Have you ever investigated and found the failure was due to Test::Pod or Test::Pod::Coverage? AAARRRGGGHHH! I hate that! Pod tests are release tests and shouldn't be inflicted on end users. But some authors got hooked […]

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Putting social media on cruise-control

I'm not very good with social media. I get overwhelmed with all the posts. Yes, I occasionally share my blog posting. I occasionally -- very occasionally -- share interesting articles. I occasionally ask a question or make a snarky comment. But, really, my posting is totally haphazard. It doesn't build any presence and it doesn't […]

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