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Throwing in the towel

A little over two years ago, I accepted the Perl Iron Man challenge. I found the challenge inspirational, and did a lot more blogging about projects I was working on than I would have otherwise. Hopefully, those who read my posts found them helpful, or at least interesting enough for the time it took to […]

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Iron Man ideas backlog

There are so many topics I want to write about and so little time to write.  Since I'm on vacation and supposedly relaxing and enjoying myself, I'm just going to list out some things that I might write about soon.  If any are particularly appealing, let me know and I'll bump it towards the top […]

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Really? Another blog?

Yes, really.  There are a number of projects I'm working on and I want a place to write about them.  I've been using  my journal but that's just becoming too painful to keep using.  So I'll try to put stuff here from time to time and hope I can make it a habit.

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