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Parallel make for perlbrew

If you've ever built Perl from scratch, you probably know how much faster it can be to make and test in parallel. On the other hand, if you use perlbrew on a multi-core processor, you probably already figured out that it wasn't using all your processors. I was very pleased to discover an undocumented '-j' […]

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Coming soon in Perl: CPAN local::lib bootstrap

I've written about my efforts to get to bootstrap local::lib and about a new HTTP client for I'm pleased to say that both have been merged into the development branch of the Perl core. Barring any show-stopping bugs, the forthcoming Perl 5.13.9 will let a non-privileged user bootstrap access to CPAN, even if […]

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Quick update: getting bleadperl ready for META.json

The latest development releases of Parse::CPAN::Meta now support both META.yml and META.json files. By default, it uses JSON::PP for the META.json files. Accordingly, JSON::PP has just been added to the Perl core. (Thank you to Makamaka for his work getting JSON::PP ready for bleadperl.) There's more work on the horizon, but I expect to get […]

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Creating a YAML::Tiny doppelgaenger

Recently, I needed to clone a distribution on CPAN and release it under a new name. I also need to keep it in sync with the original distribution. Rather than do any of that by hand, I decided to whip up a Dist::Zilla plugin (two, actually) to do the job for me. The background for […]

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Patching the Perl core for lazy file handle objects

Last night I was inspired to patch the Perl core to load IO::File on demand when calling a method on a file handle would otherwise die. This effectively makes file handles actual "lazy" IO::File objects. If you want to use file handles procedurally, you never need IO::File. But if you try to treat handles as […]

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