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Perl 5 and Perl 6 are mortal enemies

Did you grow up with one or more siblings? Are you a parent with two or more kids? Then you know that siblings often fight. A lot. Perl 6 is described as Perl 5's little sister That metaphor fits. They share parentage. The languages are similar in philosophy. One is more mature, the other less […]

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Thoughts on getting Perl 6 for Christmas

As rumored, at FOSDEM this year, Larry Wall announced that Perl 6 will be available this Christmas[1]. I followed the blog coverage (e.g. "Fosdem 2015: It's Christmas!"), listened to Miyagawa's podcast with Larry and was inspired to read the (unfortunately quite dated) guide "Perl 5 to Perl 6". My last blog post about Perl 6 […]

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Counterfactual Perl 6

Several recent posts (more here and here) discuss whether Perl 6 is an impediment for progress of Perl 5 and debate remedies involving changing the name of one or the other. The problem I have with these debates is that they sideline the realities of the current situation in favor of romanticizing a counterfactual. The […]

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Thoughts on Perl 6 hype and backlash

The news of "Rakudo Star" (a Perl 6 compiler) has spawned enough hype to prompt a backlash. I haven't entirely decided whether I think this is significant or not, much less good or bad for the Perl community, so this post is my attempt to organize my thoughts on it. Factually, Rakudo is not new […]

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