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Perl QA hackathon wrapup

From mid-air somewhere near Greenland... I'm on my way back from the fifth annual Perl QA Hackathon and I can't believe it's already over. I missed the last two and I'd forgotten what an awesome experience it is. tl;dr: Stuff I worked on: A new way of thinking about CPAN indexes Making use a […]

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Five ways to install module prereqs by hand

Have you ever tried installing a CPAN module's dependencies by hand? Imagine that you've downloaded a strange tarball or cloned a strange module repository. Running "perl Makefile.PL" or "perl Build.PL" gives you a long list of missing dependencies. How do you quickly install all those dependencies? Here are some options. See the last for a […]

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Parallel make for perlbrew

If you've ever built Perl from scratch, you probably know how much faster it can be to make and test in parallel. On the other hand, if you use perlbrew on a multi-core processor, you probably already figured out that it wasn't using all your processors. I was very pleased to discover an undocumented '-j' […]

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Announcing Module::Build 0.3800

I'm pleased to announce the release of Module::Build 0.3800, available on a CPAN Mirror near you. The major enhancement since the 0.36XX series is support for CPAN Meta Spec version 2 files (MYMETA.json and META.json). Also, if you haven't kept up with Module::Build, the 0.3607 release was nearly a year ago and there have been […]

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Slouching towards Module::Build 0.38

I've just released the latest development release of Module::Build, version 0.37_06. You can install it from your favorite client as DAGOLDEN/Module-Build-0.37_06.tar.gz I am not aware of any more issues blocking the release of 0.38, so unless something new and serious comes up, I plan to release the next stable Module::Build around the end of the […]

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