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I recently uploaded CPAN version 1.94_65, which is the 15th development release since 1.9402 and represents almost 18 months of development work. Barring any show-stoppers, a stable release is expected in the next month. Meanwhile, 1.94_65 will be merged into the next Perl core development release and the stable version will be part of Perl […]

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Five Test::More features you might not be using yet

I've been using Test::More for so long that I sometimes forget about new features that have been added in the last couple years. If you're like me and would like a refresher, here's a list of five useful features that you might want to start using. Unless otherwise noted, you will need at least version […]

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Coming soon in Perl: CPAN local::lib bootstrap

I've written about my efforts to get to bootstrap local::lib and about a new HTTP client for I'm pleased to say that both have been merged into the development branch of the Perl core. Barring any show-stopping bugs, the forthcoming Perl 5.13.9 will let a non-privileged user bootstrap access to CPAN, even if […]

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Upgrading File::HomeDir might lose your config files

If you use File::HomeDir, or anything on CPAN that depends on File::HomeDir, you should be aware of a change in behavior in version 0.91 that might create problems. Specifically, 0.91 is the first production release that adds support for standards for data, config, cache, etc. directories. Here's an example of how your config file […]

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Why HTTP::Tiny?

I've recently been collaborating with Christian Hansen on HTTP::Tiny, a minimalist, HTTP/1.1 client library for Perl. For basic web client tasks like grabbing a single page or mirroring a file, it does the job in a fraction of the code that would be needed to install LWP::UserAgent. Because it has no non-core dependencies, it is […]

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