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Why is Parrot afraid of Perl?

Or -- provocative title aside -- why does Parrot want to move away from Perl in its build process? Yesterday, Jim Keenan asked me a question about a Windows bug in some Perl code used in Parrot configuration.  My suggestion was to use a function from IPC::Cmd instead, since IPC::Cmd is core in Perl 5.10 […]

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Belated Perl QA hackathon progress report

Nearly a month ago, I got back from this year's QA hackathon in Birmingham, UK. This is a little late for my summary, so I'll also write a bit about progress since the hackathon. This year my work focused on CPAN Testers, the related Metabase framework, and MYMETA.yml support for the toolchain. First, I'd like […]

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Iron Man challenge accepted!

A week or so ago, Matt S. Trout declared an Iron Man blogging challenge (rant, NSFW).  A less inflammatory version was posted on the Enlightened Perl site.  In short -- the goal is to blog about Perl with a rolling frequency of 4 posts every 32 days and no more than 10 days between posts. […]

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Really? Another blog?

Yes, really.  There are a number of projects I'm working on and I want a place to write about them.  I've been using  my journal but that's just becoming too painful to keep using.  So I'll try to put stuff here from time to time and hope I can make it a habit.

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