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Metabase: Opinions from anyone about anything

Explaining Metabase At YAPC::NA, Ricardo and I finally released some early alpha Metabase modules to CPAN. Metabase is a project we started in 2008 at the Oslo QA Hackathon to provide a new transport and storage infrastructure for CPAN Testers and other CPAN distribution metadata. We’ve been working out of github until now, but think […]

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Module::Build bug triage help requested

In an attempt to fix up Perl's Module::Build in preparation for a new 0.34 release, I've been hacking away at  the bug queue, but there are so many stale bug reports that it's hard to figure out what really needs work. Here's how you can help: Go to the Module Build RT queue Click on […]

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Team Maintenance for the Win

I released Module::Build 0.33_01 this weekend.  I had co-maintainer rights so I could help manage the RT queue, but had never before released a dev version of Module::Build, so I didn't exactly know what was involved before I started. Here's how it went: I read the release documentation in the devtools/ directory of the repository […]

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Stop with the Perl golf already!

It's annoying to read critics complaining that  "Perl looks like line noise" since that's definitely not my experience... at least, most of the time. There are some places where I think Perl actually does look a bit "noisy": sigils ($@%&), but only when most variables have single-letter names ($i,$j,$k, etc.) punctuation-only special variables ($/, $], […]

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