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package Foo 1.00 should mirror use Foo 1.00

I recently suggested that Perl 5 extend the 'package' keyword to also set the package $VERSION: In  a recent post, chromatic suggests that, according to Nicholas Clark's guideline for borrowing from Perl 6, extending 'package' should be done this way: I disagree.  A major problem with the multitude of ways to set $VERSION is that […]

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If I were (pump)king

It's fun to speculate "what if" on all the radical changes I'd want to make, but really, if I suddenly became pumpking, my first thought would probably be "Oh, sh*t... I better not f*ck this up!" That's right.  All my JFDI inclinations would probably change overnight into DFIU. What If I released a horribly broken […]

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Iron Man ideas backlog

There are so many topics I want to write about and so little time to write.  Since I'm on vacation and supposedly relaxing and enjoying myself, I'm just going to list out some things that I might write about soon.  If any are particularly appealing, let me know and I'll bump it towards the top […]

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Updating minicpan alphas more frequently

At the Perl QA hackathon, Andreas Koenig, the maintainer of PAUSE, demonstrated a way to decrease the lag between new distribution uploads to PAUSE and syndication to CPAN mirrors.  (See File::Rsync::Mirror::Recent on CPAN for details).   Running minicpan against a one of the new, fast updating mirrors results a very fresh minicpan, but, until now, only […]

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