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More git conversions

My version number article exhausted me, so this will be a short post. My work to convert some more Perl module repositories from Subversion to git continues with two more things hosted on github: ExtUtils::CBuilder -- This is the complement to ExtUtils::ParseXS, which I described converting last week. Anyone interested in working on it, please […]

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Version numbers should be boring

In a perfect world, I would never blog about version numbers in Perl.

Version numbers should be boring. No one should have to think about how
they specify or check a version number. Perl programming makes things
easy, not hard, right?

Unfortunately, version numbers in Perl aren't boring and easy. Instead,
they are complicated and confusing. Every Perl programmer needs to
understand at least some of this complexity. Otherwise, you can make life
difficult for yourself or others without realizing it.

In this article, I'm going to explain what I think are 'good practices' for
dealing with version numbers in Perl. I'm going to point out what I think are
'bad practices'. ((N.B., the Perl Best Practices book is wrong)) In the
end, I'm going to make some recommendations that I hope people will follow
for their own sake and the sake of others who work with their code.

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Convert to git and get more patches?

Today, I converted the ExtUtils::ParseXS repository from subversion to git, published it on and announced it on the perl5-porters and module-build perl mailing lists. Within hours, it was cloned and I got my first pull request. I don't know if that's the start of a trend or not, but it's food for thought for […]

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