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Only one more week to submit CPAN Meta Spec proposals

On August 26, I issued a Call for Proposals for the CPAN Meta Spec. It is now one week away from the deadline for submission. There are over twenty-five proposals already (see below) as well as numerous other brainstorming ideas that haven't been fleshed out into full proposals yet. There is still time to help […]

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Applying git patch emails to subversion

I prefer git, but have been spending a lot with subversion working on Module::Build. To give myself local version control when offline (I was on an airplane), I layered a local git repository on top of the subversion checkout. (Yes, there might be better ways to do this with "git svn" but not as easily […]

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Module::Build inc bundling is getting close

Wow. Is it time for another Ironman post already? The last week has just flown by. Last time, I mentioned the roadmap for Module::Build and the work being done to support bundling Module::Build into an inc/ directory in CPAN distributions for maximum back-compatibility. Thanks to some rapid design brainstorming with Eric Wilhelm, we can demonstrate […]

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Module::Build progress and roadmap

From my recent posts, you may have noticed that I'm doing a lot of work on Module::Build these days. I got back into it to get it ready for 5.10.1 and once I had re-learned the code base it was easy to start adding some frequently requested features and cleaning up other bugs. Here's a […]

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