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Too many config options?

Over the years, has accumulated a staggering number of configuration options. Recently, an otherwise expert Perl programmer (that I won't embarrass by name) asked on IRC for the name of an option rather than reading the (admittedly long) manual. This reminded me that many Perl users may not know about a handy feature that […]

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Extending the timeline for CPAN Meta Spec revisions

When I set out the time line for revisions to the CPAN Meta Spec, I was anticipating closing the public comments at the end of October and finalizing the spec at the end of November. Fortunately for Perl, but unfortunately for me, our new pumpking, Jesse Vincent, announced on Halloween a Perl core feature freeze […]

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Perl 6 is Perl 5++

I'm amused reading masak and mst take stock of the Perl 5 vs. Perl 6 issue/debate/brouhaha/whatever. I think mst gets it slightly closer to right (thanks to his refreshing directness), but both miss what I think is an obvious analogy: Perl 6 is to Perl 5 as C++ is to C Mostly familiar syntax? Check. […]

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Module::Build release candidate for 0.36

Module::Build 0.35_07 has arrived on CPAN. This closes all all Critical, Important and Normal bug tickets from the ticket queue that are not stalled for upstream fixes. I consider it "Release Candidate 0" for 0.36. This means my focus will be on fixing any show-stoppers in the release candidates and that there is a […]

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In progress: auto-selection of CPAN mirrors

Lately, I've been working improving the user experience, particularly with regards to configuration. I've already made autoconfiguration quieter, and now I'm working on letting it automatically choose mirrors for you. Here's sample output from my work in progress: When I'm done, I hope that a novice Perl programmer can be downloading from CPAN […]

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