Monthly Archives: July 2010 looking for a nice home

I picked up this domain name a while ago since it was available and people were saying how Perl needs better visibility. (I was probably inspired by Tim's post about TIOBE). Currently, I just redirect to The domain is coming up for renewal and I'll gladly sign it over to someone who can make […]

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My OSCON talks are online

I've posted my OSCON talks (one regular talk and one lightning talk) in my Talks page. But for those wanting direct links, here they are: Free QA! -- a non-technical talk about the history and social architecture choices of the CPAN Testers project Perl 5, Version 13 -- a lightning talk summarizing notable changes in […]

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Perl 5.13.3 is released

[Reposted from my announcement to the the perl5-porters mailing list] Look at Crowley, doing 110 mph on the M40 heading towards Oxfordshire. Even the most resolutely casual observer would notice a number of strange things about him. The clenched teeth, for example, or the dull red glow coming from behind his sunglasses. And the car. […]

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How to join the CPAN Testers 2.0 Public Beta

In case you missed the recent launch announcement, CPAN Testers 2.0 is live and the email mailing list used to submit CT 1.0 reports will be shut down around August 31, 2010. I consider this the start of the "public beta" period for CT 2.0. Most of the beta testers so far have been experienced […]

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My life as mini-pumpking, week 2

I'm half-way through my tenure as Perl release manager of the month. In just two weeks, I'll be releasing Perl 5.13.3 while I'm at OSCON. Here's what I've done so far: Writing a command-line tool to keep perldelta notes for each commit to the core repository in git notes and collate them for me by […]

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