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How to script git with perl and Git::Wrapper

If you work with git, eventually you will want to script something that git doesn't do already and can't be accomplished with an alias. If you use Perl, the Git::Wrapper module makes scripting git easy. The big advantage of Git::Wrapper is that it wraps the binary version of git, which keeps your perl and git […]

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Are you ready for CPAN Testers 2.0?

If you haven't seen the official notice, the CPAN Testers project is migrating from using email to send reports (CPAN Testers 1.0) to using web-based submission (CPAN Testers 2.0). As of September 1, 2010, the old email list will be shut down and only web submissions will be accepted. I've just updated the "quick-start" documentation […]

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If Perl were smarter about references

I wish that Perl 5 could be smarter about references. I wish I could just give an array reference to functions that only act on arrays and have Perl do the dereferencing for me. Here is what I have to write today to use array functions on an array reference: Here is how I wish […]

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Thoughts on Perl 6 hype and backlash

The news of "Rakudo Star" (a Perl 6 compiler) has spawned enough hype to prompt a backlash. I haven't entirely decided whether I think this is significant or not, much less good or bad for the Perl community, so this post is my attempt to organize my thoughts on it. Factually, Rakudo is not new […]

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Creating new distributions with Dist::Zilla

You may already know that Dist::Zilla can create new boilerplate Perl distributions, just like Module::Starter (and other boilerplate generators). If you've ever tried this, you've seen that the built-in boilerplate is very, very minimal and you probably want to know how to customize it to fit your dzil style. I wrote up the tutorial below […]

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