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Patching the Perl core for lazy file handle objects

Last night I was inspired to patch the Perl core to load IO::File on demand when calling a method on a file handle would otherwise die. This effectively makes file handles actual "lazy" IO::File objects. If you want to use file handles procedurally, you never need IO::File. But if you try to treat handles as […]

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What's New in Perl 5, Version 13 (updated)

I've updated my Perl 5, Version 13 talk to include the latest new features from 5.13.6 and 5.13.7. Some of the highlights: New regex modifiers to force unicode or locale-specific semantics (5.13.6) Regular expression retain original semantics when interpolated later (5.13.6) Array and hash functions (push, pop, keys, etc.) work on array and hash references […]

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Just got my copy of Modern Perl

I just received my copy of Modern Perl by chromatic. While I should be familiar with most of what's in here, I spend so much time coding the toolchain for ancient Perls that I rarely get to use Modern Perl idioms. I'm looking forward to seeing if I pick up anything I've missed or forgotten.

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Bootstrapping using HTTP::Lite

One of my goals for Perl 5.14 that I've discussed with Jesse Vincent and Andreas Koenig is getting to be able to bootstrap itself in a fresh perl installation without relying on external command line tools or FTP. LWP is too big a distribution to bundle into the core, but HTTP::Lite is a focused […]

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