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Belated Modern Perl review

I purchased Modern Perl as soon as it came out and I read it right away. I meant to write it up a long time ago. Here's a copy of the review I posted to Amazon: I had a hard time characterizing this wonderful book. It explains the fundamentals, but it's not an introductory book […]

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OS-specific prerequisites with Dist::Zilla

One of my long-standing annoyances with Dist::Zilla was that it didn't have means for doing OS-specific prerequisites. I had put off converting some distributions to Dist::Zilla because of that, but finally got off my duff and wrote Dist::Zilla::Plugin::OSPrereqs to do what I want. It works like this in your dist.ini: That puts a conditional clause […]

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Pairwise list reduction the hard way

Have you ever needed to process a list in pairs using Perl? The typical way to do this involves a loop with each() (for a hash) or splice() (for an array). This is my account of trying to find a more functional way to do it. I'll use a simple example of what I mean. […]

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Slimmer CPAN configuration

If you ran configuration years ago, you might recall a long introductory text and screens full of configuration prompts flashing by. Those days are gone. I had already patched CPAN to make autoconfiguration nearly silent and now I've just released CPAN-1.94_64 that includes less introduction for a much slimmer configuration dialog. It's not completely […]

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Coming soon in Perl: CPAN local::lib bootstrap

I've written about my efforts to get to bootstrap local::lib and about a new HTTP client for I'm pleased to say that both have been merged into the development branch of the Perl core. Barring any show-stopping bugs, the forthcoming Perl 5.13.9 will let a non-privileged user bootstrap access to CPAN, even if […]

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