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Upgrading File::HomeDir might lose your config files

If you use File::HomeDir, or anything on CPAN that depends on File::HomeDir, you should be aware of a change in behavior in version 0.91 that might create problems. Specifically, 0.91 is the first production release that adds support for standards for data, config, cache, etc. directories. Here's an example of how your config file […]

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Why HTTP::Tiny?

I've recently been collaborating with Christian Hansen on HTTP::Tiny, a minimalist, HTTP/1.1 client library for Perl. For basic web client tasks like grabbing a single page or mirroring a file, it does the job in a fraction of the code that would be needed to install LWP::UserAgent. Because it has no non-core dependencies, it is […]

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Quick update: getting bleadperl ready for META.json

The latest development releases of Parse::CPAN::Meta now support both META.yml and META.json files. By default, it uses JSON::PP for the META.json files. Accordingly, JSON::PP has just been added to the Perl core. (Thank you to Makamaka for his work getting JSON::PP ready for bleadperl.) There's more work on the horizon, but I expect to get […]

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