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Slouching towards Module::Build 0.38

I've just released the latest development release of Module::Build, version 0.37_06. You can install it from your favorite client as DAGOLDEN/Module-Build-0.37_06.tar.gz I am not aware of any more issues blocking the release of 0.38, so unless something new and serious comes up, I plan to release the next stable Module::Build around the end of the […]

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Fixing screen brightness on Thinkpad X201 and Ubuntu 10.10

I just tried installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my Thinkpad X201. For the most part, everything worked right away and on an SSD drive, it felt blazingly fast. However, the screen brightness controls did not work. Some online research suggested adding acpi_osi=Linux to the kernel boot parameters and I also found a tip in the thinkpad-acpi […]

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How to replicate a failure

Whenever I get a bug report or a CPAN Testers FAIL report and the issue is not obvious right away, the first thing I try to do is replicate the failure. Without it, I'm left to diagnose with hunches and release new code that I hope fixes that problem. That's not software engineering, it's software […]

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How to find the CPAN Testers Authors FAQ

If you are a CPAN author and have ever been stumped how to get CPAN Testers to do something (or stop doing something) when testing your distribution, you should read the CPAN Author FAQ on the CPAN Testers wiki. leont pointed out on IRC that the CPAN Author FAQ is very hard to find and […]

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I recently uploaded CPAN version 1.94_65, which is the 15th development release since 1.9402 and represents almost 18 months of development work. Barring any show-stoppers, a stable release is expected in the next month. Meanwhile, 1.94_65 will be merged into the next Perl core development release and the stable version will be part of Perl […]

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