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A short Perl break

My usual weekly Perl post has been preempted by the arrival of my second child on March 22. I'll be back next week (I hope) with a discussion of the modules I used to whip up ylastic-costagent, a program to download Amazon Web Services usage data and upload them to Ylastic for analysis and charting.

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With LWP 6, you probably need Mozilla::CA

LWP 6 makes hostname verification the default -- so note this from LWP::UserAgent: If hostname verification is requested, and neither SSL_ca_file nor SSL_ca_path is set, then SSL_ca_file is implied to be the one provided by Mozilla::CA. If the Mozilla::CA module isn't available SSL requests will fail. Either install this module, set up an alternative SSL_ca_file […]

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Fixed CPAN Testers reporting with LWP 6

As Barbie reported, CPAN Testers broke under LWP version 6, as this version of LWP now defaults to rejecting unverifiable SSL connection (e.g. self-signed certificates). That meant that CPAN Testers upgrading their LWP could no longer submit reports (at least via https). The quick and obvious solution was to buy an SSL certificate and that's […]

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Parallel make for perlbrew

If you've ever built Perl from scratch, you probably know how much faster it can be to make and test in parallel. On the other hand, if you use perlbrew on a multi-core processor, you probably already figured out that it wasn't using all your processors. I was very pleased to discover an undocumented '-j' […]

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Announcing Module::Build 0.3800

I'm pleased to announce the release of Module::Build 0.3800, available on a CPAN Mirror near you. The major enhancement since the 0.36XX series is support for CPAN Meta Spec version 2 files (MYMETA.json and META.json). Also, if you haven't kept up with Module::Build, the 0.3607 release was nearly a year ago and there have been […]

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