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CPAN Testers Metabase back online

I'm pleased to say that after weathering Amazon's EC2 outage, I've got the CPAN Testers Metabase server back online and accepting reports. If you've been building up a backlog, please throttle your uploads. I apologize for the interruption. Over the next month or two, I'll be making some changes to make sure that CPAN Testers […]

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Optimizing Modern Perl

No, I'm not talking about code (but it made you look, didn't it!) — I'm talking about optimizing the search for "modern perl", because right now it sucks. Give it a try: Search "modern perl" on Google Search "modern perl" on Bing Search "modern perl" on Yahoo Search "modern perl" on DuckDuckGo Sure, chromatic's blog […]

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Is Javascript the new Perl?

I saw a Javascript/JQuery presentation, The JQuery Divide, by Rebecca Murphey on Hacker News that struck me as remarkably similar to complaints I've heard about Perl development. The jQuery Divide View more presentations from Rebecca Murphey Look at this graphic from p. 34 -- rewind the clock to the late 1990's and replace Javascript with […]

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How not to recommend a Perl module

The first comments in response to my Anatomy of ylastic-costagent article were recommendations to consider other modules than the ones I used. Frankly, these module recommendations sucked, and I'm annoyed enough to explain why. If you recommend a module, make sure it solves my problem The first recommendation was to consider Date::Simple instead of Time::Piece […]

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Perl whipuptitude: Anatomy of ylastic-costagent

Many people love Perl for how easily and quickly one can write useful little programs, but many of these one-off programs are never seen by anyone but the original author. Recently, I wrote ylastic-costagent to help process Amazon Web Services (AWS) data for analysis. Rather than leave it hidden on my hard drive, I decided […]

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