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Giving thanks as thanks

Ricardo wrote an article "promoting little gifts", which @perlbuzz tweeted as "giving little gifts as thanks". I like that idea, and it inspired me to remind people to please also consider just giving "thanks", too. Sure, I'd love a song or a small ebook (and maybe I should set up a wishlist), but I also […]

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Code munging with vim: if modifier to if block

Not infrequently, I discover I want to turn an if modifier into an if block so I can add extra logic when the conditional is true. I decided to automate that with a vim macro: For it to work, the if modifier has to be on a line of its own (which I usually do […]

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Five ways to install module prereqs by hand

Have you ever tried installing a CPAN module's dependencies by hand? Imagine that you've downloaded a strange tarball or cloned a strange module repository. Running "perl Makefile.PL" or "perl Build.PL" gives you a long list of missing dependencies. How do you quickly install all those dependencies? Here are some options. See the last for a […]

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