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Visualizing the Perl 5 support policy

Perl 5 Release Timeline (Amended)

My last post showed historical Perl 5 release cycles, but comments I got on and off the blog suggested that my vaguely positive sentiments about the official support policy were misunderstood. This post expands and clarifies my view. I have redone my Perl 5 release cycle graph again with a few changes. First, for the […]

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Visualizing Perl 5 release cycles

Beginning with Perl 5, version 12, the Perl 5 language began an annual release cycle, with a new stable release around May of each year. Beginning with version 14, the Perl 5 maintainers also announced a formal support policy and ended support for version 10. This is a significant change from the history of Perl, […]

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Perl Oasis 2012 wrapup

Last weekend I attended the Orlando Perl Workshop. While the "hallway track" is one of the best parts of Perl workshops, the talks I saw were also excellent. Here is an overview of the sessions I attended. Doing the Jitterbug Jonathan Leto (dukeleto) presented Jitterbug, a cross language continuous integration tool for git (and written […]

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