Monthly Archives: April 2012 Battle of the Braces omits Perl is planning a Battle of the Braces tournament-style hackathon at their headquarters in NYC. At the time of posting, Perl is not invited. Admittedly, the profile of Perl on isn't huge compared to the four languages they did invite. Here is a comparison of the size of NYC meetup groups per language (with […]

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Draft raptor logo for

Last summer, NY Perl Mongers (, NY Perl Seminar and NY Perl Meetup agreed to unite under the brand, using the old mailing list for communications and the website for event coordination. In addition to the social gatherings of the old, the new has added some technical talks, much like […]

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Perl QA hackathon wrapup

From mid-air somewhere near Greenland... I'm on my way back from the fifth annual Perl QA Hackathon and I can't believe it's already over. I missed the last two and I'd forgotten what an awesome experience it is. tl;dr: Stuff I worked on: A new way of thinking about CPAN indexes Making use a […]

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