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Putting social media on cruise-control

I'm not very good with social media. I get overwhelmed with all the posts. Yes, I occasionally share my blog posting. I occasionally -- very occasionally -- share interesting articles. I occasionally ask a question or make a snarky comment. But, really, my posting is totally haphazard. It doesn't build any presence and it doesn't […]

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How to build MongoDB with SSL for Linux

Insecure on the wire By default, MongoDB transmits data in clear-text. That might be OK in your own network environment, but it's not so great for the cloud. If you want your traffic secure, it's up to you. Fortunately, recent MongoDB releases can use connections protected by SSL. Unfortunately, SSL is not compiled into the […]

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How to bootstrap Chef Solo on Linode

I've been doing a lot of work with Chef Solo lately and Linode is my preferred VPS provider, so I needed a way to bootstrap Chef Solo easily onto new nodes. Linode's uses "StackScripts" for customizing nodes -- these are run-once scripts that do any configuration on top of a stock OS distribution. There were […]

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Back to blogging and what I've been up to lately

Wow. I haven't blogged here since April. For a long time, I was writing weekly as part of the Ironman challenge. Then I dropped out, but still blogged occasionally. Then even that stopped. It's time to get started again. I miss the discipline of thinking about what ideas I have to contribute and crafting them […]

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