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Wallflower no more

I've done a lot of things with Perl. I started with some log file analysis, went on to data munging and numerical analysis, learned to write modules, started contributing to the toolchain, packaged Strawberry Perl, got into CPAN Testers, and eventually started hacking on the Perl core. One thing I've never done much of is […]

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When I first got a bug report that Capture::Tiny was breaking under PERL_UNICODE=SAD, I though it would be an easy thing to fix. I was so wrong... I had no idea what a rabbit hole I was in for. What the heck is PERL_UNICODE? Unless you're American, you've probably heard of Unicode. Even if you're […]

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Updated: Visualizing Perl 5 release history

Perl Release History

Today marks the release of Perl 5.16.2. I've updated my Perl 5 release history chart to reflect this and other recent releases, as well as the forthcoming 5.12.5 security release (expected in November) and next year's 5.18.0. The 5.12.5 release will be notable for falling outside the regular support window, but within the security support […]

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