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Alternative to Test::NoWarnings

The Test::NoWarnings module is very helpful for detecting subtle errors in your code. Unfortunately, by default, it does its reporting in an END block, which doesn't play nicely with Test::More's done_testing() function, which I use a lot. There has been an open ticket since 2009 and nothing has been done. There is a workaround, but […]

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Why I sometimes hate require

Can you spot the error in this code? Not yet? Here's the error I get compiling it: What the heck? I imported Num, so why is it not allowed? (Spot the error yet?) Here's a hint: I'm using a Mac. Does this make it clearer: Aha! I said "Mooselike" instead of "MooseLike". And the Mac […]

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Crossing the Perl Rubicon

Yes, this is another blog post reacting to Matt S. Trout's Pumpkin Perl idea. (His followups are here and here.) I've considered a long, thoughtful reply about what I see as the problems Perl 5 faces, why various proposals I've heard fall short, and what I think is meaningful for the future of Perl 5. […]

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Adventures in Benchmarking, Part 1

I created Path::Tiny because I wanted a faster file path utility. But believing it would be faster isn't the same thing as demonstrating it, so I decided to create some benchmarks. That got complicated, but now I have a pretty nice benchmarking toolkit. This article describes my setup and process and shows results for object […]

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