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How I'm using Dist::Zilla to give credit to contributors

Recently, Gabor Szabo asked me how to list contributors in the META file of CPAN distributions. This seemed like a great idea to me -- I'd love to be able to credit people who contribute to my modules. I suggested using an "x_contributors" key in META.json with an array of names and email addresses, just […]

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HTTP::Tiny now with cookies

In early March, the NY Perl Mongers hosted the first hackathon in a space generously provided by the Rubenstein Technology Group. One of the projects I was pleased to see completed was adding cookie jar support to HTTP::Tiny. A few weeks prior, I had released HTTP::CookieJar in preparation. At the event, Edward Zborowski from […]

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CPAN is for experimentation and I hope that never changes

This post is a response to Neil Bower's post Don't release experiments to CPAN. Neil, respectfully, I disagree. The huge success of CPAN is, I think, in large part because it encouraged experimentation and alternatives. Suggesting people upload elsewhere (Github) and have module installers use that just creates barriers to participation and barriers to participation […]

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How to move CPAN RT tickets to Github

Most of my new CPAN modules use Github for issue tracking because of the nice integration with pull requests. I recently wanted to migrate an older distribution to using Github, but didn't want to track tickets in two places. A while ago, Yanick Champoux wrote Bandying tickets from RT to Github, which looked like exactly […]

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My Perl 6 post was really about Perl 5

As I see the comments about my Is Perl 6 pointless, hopeless or just not done? article, I realize that I've somehow misled people into thinking I was posing a conundrum about Perl 6. I'm not. In the various debates about the evolution of Perl 5 -- how fast it should evolve, whether it should […]

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