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At-sign nick completion for Weechat and Slack

I like connecting to chat apps like Slack and Flowdock using an IRC client, as that keeps all my chats in one window, right in my terminal. I've been frustrated that the IRC gateways for Slack and Flowdock don't highlight people based just on their nick the way a typical IRC client does. For example, […]

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Hilight growls from irssi with Plack and ssh

I use irssi/screen on a remote server to maintain a constant IRC presence and I wanted a nice way to pop up a pretty, on-screen notification when my nick is hilighted or when I get a direct message. Irssi already has Perl 5 scripting support built-in, so the rest just took a little whipuptitude. Here […]

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IRC notifications with irssi and Perl

In Bot-free IRC notifications, chiselwright describes the beginnings of a IRC notification app for iPhone. I've done something similar in the past, with irssi scripts that forward highlights to my email account and send an SMS when it sees a summons. I've been running it for over a year, now and it has been a […]

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