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MongoDB Perl driver v1.0.0 RC 2 available – please test!

Yesterday, I released the MongoDB Perl Driver v1.0.0 RC2 to CPAN as MongoDB-v0.999.999.5-TRIAL. As I mentioned in my RC1 announcement last week that summarized the rationale and changes, everyone who uses MongoDB is strongly encouraged to download it and test it with their code. In particular, please read the MongoDB::Upgrading document, which describes the major […]

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Review a git branch in the terminal

When I review a pull-request with many commits, I want to be able to see all the commits and step back and forth through them. I used to use a git GUI (or github's web pages), but I hated having to leave the terminal to do that. Today I whipped up a Perl program to […]

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Visualizing Perl 5 Release History – 2015 edition

I've update my Perl 5 release history chart through the release of Perl 5.22.0. As I've pointed out before, the steady march of annual releases sets clear expectations for future development. Looking at this chart, I'm always struck by how the Perl 5.10 series differs from the rest. Perls 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.8 arrived […]

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Why you shouldn't waste your time on Perl 5.6

This is a sort-of response to mst's On Perl 5.6 post. Mostly, I agree with Matt about not gratuitously breaking 5.6 compatibility (i.e. to "force people to upgrade"). However, in recent years, I've never received a single bug report or patch from a person actually using 5.6 for anything except smoke testing things on 5.6. […]

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The Annotated Berlin Consensus

The official Berlin Consensus document is on Github. This is an annotated review of it. The Berlin Consensus At the first Perl QA Hackathon (QAH) in 2008 in Oslo, a number of QA and toolchain authors, maintainers and experts came together to agree on some common standards and practices. This became known as "The Oslo […]

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