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Perl QA Hackathon 2015 report

tl;dr: I led hours of "consensus discussions" about toolchain governance, the Test::Builder roadmap, PAUSE policies and responsible authoring practices. I fixed bugs and applied patches for CPAN.pm, CPAN indexing and CPAN META tools. I experimented with indexing META files to generate deep reverse-dependency graphs. I concluded I need to invent Metabase 3.0. Why I love […]

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How to build MongoDB with SSL for Linux

Insecure on the wire By default, MongoDB transmits data in clear-text. That might be OK in your own network environment, but it's not so great for the cloud. If you want your traffic secure, it's up to you. Fortunately, recent MongoDB releases can use connections protected by SSL. Unfortunately, SSL is not compiled into the […]

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