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Perl QA hackathon 2013 wrapup

I've been back from the Perl QA 2013 hackathon for a few days and I'm probably overdue to write about the trip. I'm intimidated by last years writeup — I must have been feeling a lot peppier on the plane a year ago. I've also been busying writing up the notes from the "Lancaster Consensus" […]

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No more copy and paste: How to refactor tests with roles

Raise your hand if you've ever cut and paste a huge chunk of code — or even a whole file — for testing. I have. And I feel guilty, because I know the DRY mantra: "Don't repeat yourself!" But somehow, rules we follow for our application code, we forget for our test code. Here's a […]

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Stop Pod tests before they stop you!

Have you ever installed a CPAN module with a big dependency chain and had installation fail somewhere in the middle? Have you ever investigated and found the failure was due to Test::Pod or Test::Pod::Coverage? AAARRRGGGHHH! I hate that! Pod tests are release tests and shouldn't be inflicted on end users. But some authors got hooked […]

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Alternative to Test::NoWarnings

The Test::NoWarnings module is very helpful for detecting subtle errors in your code. Unfortunately, by default, it does its reporting in an END block, which doesn't play nicely with Test::More's done_testing() function, which I use a lot. There has been an open ticket since 2009 and nothing has been done. There is a workaround, but […]

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