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How to build MongoDB with SSL for Linux

Insecure on the wire By default, MongoDB transmits data in clear-text. That might be OK in your own network environment, but it's not so great for the cloud. If you want your traffic secure, it's up to you. Fortunately, recent MongoDB releases can use connections protected by SSL. Unfortunately, SSL is not compiled into the […]

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Hilight growls from irssi with Plack and ssh

I use irssi/screen on a remote server to maintain a constant IRC presence and I wanted a nice way to pop up a pretty, on-screen notification when my nick is hilighted or when I get a direct message. Irssi already has Perl 5 scripting support built-in, so the rest just took a little whipuptitude. Here […]

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Fixing screen brightness on Thinkpad X201 and Ubuntu 10.10

I just tried installing Ubuntu 10.10 on my Thinkpad X201. For the most part, everything worked right away and on an SSD drive, it felt blazingly fast. However, the screen brightness controls did not work. Some online research suggested adding acpi_osi=Linux to the kernel boot parameters and I also found a tip in the thinkpad-acpi […]

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